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 Idea's for Ribbons

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PostSubject: Idea's for Ribbons   Thu Jun 21, 2012 2:01 am

Just a couple of ideas that came to my head in regards to ribbons we could award. if you can think of any cool idea for a new ribbon/badge post it.

Duelist Ribbon
Tagged a Legion Leader or 1st deputy of a legion outside of the union (Provide some kinda proof or witness ie: Screen shot or Video)

Distinguished Service
Gone above and beyond the call of duty to help a fellow member or this organization

Recruiting Ribbon
Recruit 5 members < 20 that stay with us past Level >40

Good Conduct Ribbon
Follow rules and regs consistantly for 2 months

Joint Service Ribbon
Perform an Instant or raid with another allied unit of the Union.

Operator Ribbon
Claim the tags of 15 individuals in your soldier record

Assault Ribbon
Take an enemy Artifact

Defense Ribbon
Defend a base for your Legion or allied Legion

Deployment ribbon
Engaged enemy forces During a deployment at least 30 times with fellow members of the union.

Long Service Ribbon
Remain in one of 4 legions for more then 6 months

Purple Heart
win a duel with under 100 hp left.
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Idea's for Ribbons
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