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 If I disappear...

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PostSubject: If I disappear...   Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:37 am


I know I explained this before on guild chat but just so that it's clear, if for any reason I disappear within the next couple of weeks it is because I lack the funds to pay for my cable atm Very Happy
I am currently still looking for a job, however I had to reroll unemployment for the time being and I have no clue if they'll approve me again or not :/

tl;dr, bottom line is DONT KICK ME PL0X, I'LL BE BOCK soon (Aion is way too friggin awesome to quit anyways :/ maybe at level 60 but even then...)

Edit: I have mobile linked to my Facebook. go ahead and add me if you guys want (just make sure you say who you are...)

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If I disappear...
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