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 Legion meeting July 03, 2012

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PostSubject: Legion meeting July 03, 2012   Tue Jul 03, 2012 9:03 pm

Here is the notes/transcript for the meeting

Legion Discussion

Subject: Members not reading legion chat

Centurions and+ should check legion chat every 10-25 minuets, an easy way to do this is by making a new tab
for just legion chat and checking that.
Noct Brought up a point that people get focused on playing and cannot see legion chat.
Tru brought up the point that you can whisper people instead of talking in legion chat.
Noct commented on tru's point about how when you whisper someone, there's a sound that you hear when you get a whisper.

Tweank was talking about how previously several officers in teamspeak who were not afk at the time would not respond to him when he was asking for information/help about a particular quest.
Sinroth spoke to tweank and all officers that you should try and answer lower levels/lower ranks very clearly so they understand their question is being answered, as this will be much more helpful and hopefully stop people from becoming upset/confused.
Purg commented on what sinroth said, saying that you must keep in mind that in tweank's situation, he is a kid and has a short attention span/and is kind of impatient, so you should try to work with younger people.

Subject: Issue between a legionary and officer

Sinroth said "Whenever you are trying to correct someone who is wrong, or let them know when they are wrong about something, make sure to pull them aside and speak to them privatly not publically in legion chat or in a teamspeak channel with multiple people. If a problem like this occurs you should bring it to
If a legionary needs to talk to someone of higher rank, such as when an officer is being disrespectful to them, a legionary has the ability to report any officer to sinroth and sinroth will deal with it, any officer can be reported and the issue will be looked over by sinroth.
You want to try and handle stuff with the lowest rank,
If you have a problem and sinroth or blass/purg is not online, you can mail them about reporting a certain member for misconduct/disrespect, and it will be handeled by Sinroth, but this should only be done in very dire situations, or very bad situations, otherwise these problems should be handeled by either a deputy or a centurion.
Noct made the comment: "if you have a problem with a centurian, bring the problem to Noct, he is the leader of the centurions, and he might bring it to a deputy or sinroth himself.
If you have a problem with Noct, you bring that to a deputy, or a 1st deputy, or sinroth.
In general you want to bring problems with a certain rank to someone a higher rank, but not several ranks higher unless it's a very extreme situation.
If you have a problem with blass, bring that to Sinroth.
Whenever you have a problem with anyone in the legion, make sure to not talk about it openly in legion chat/public teamspeak channel, make sure to handel the situation privately, talking about it in a public situation can just add fuel to the fire.
When and if a Brigade general does something seriously wrong, and they get reported it will become a union-wide thing, where the BG in general will be judged by their peers, and it will be handeled in a union-wide trial.

Subject: Wanting all legion members to be required to have and use teamspeak.

Blass brings up the point that even tho we might get less people to join the legion, the people who do join will be team-players.
Noct brings up the point that current members might leave the legion because they don't want to download teamspeak
Sinroth responds that certain people with slow internet connections might be negatively effected by using teamspeak while they are in-game.
Adultswim brings up the point that younger kids might not be able to download vent/teamspeak because their parents might not let them use voice-type programs.
Blass suggests that TS be manditory for formal events/meetings, and all legion members MUST download teamspeak.

Random comments/Things people said:
Sumdumtemp suggested that teamspeak be a requirement to join the legion.
Sinroth: All legion wide events will be planned by a Brigade general only, these will be formal events which is manditory, all over events, such as ones created by centurions will be informal, and not manditory.
Example: If blass comes out and says "we're going to be doing artifacts in 2 hours, everyone should come", this would be an informal event, and not manditory.
Alexiel responded to sinroth about her being a casual player and not being able to come to certain manditory events, and sinroth responded that he's not going to get mad/freak out about it, everyone has a life and life always becomes before the game.
Blass clerifies that when events are announced by sinroth it's manditory for everyone who is online, he says this is a game and not real life and you should treat it so.
Sinroth was speaking about in certain situations where there is an event going on and people really don't feel like coming/doing that event, and they instead go play another game, he says he approves of this but not neccesarily will be happy about it.
Sinroth further goes on to say, if you don't want to help out in abyss deployments and you'd rather go play another game because you really don't feel like doing it he is totaly fine with that, he understands.
Sinroth's new policy about no talk/no tell: IF you're going to go play another game, you can just log off, you don't neccessarily have to say that you don't feel like doing-whatever, you can just log off.
Sinroth goes on to say that if you skip 3 or more deployments within a month, without pming sinroth and letting him know that you cannot be at a certain even, you will get kicked.
Legionaries can skip 5 events in a month, if they honestly don't feel like being at a certain abyss deployment, they can say that and go play another game.
Centuions get 3 skips.
Deputies/1st deputies get 1 skip.
Brigade generals/prodiges get no skips, they must always attend.
In-subordination rule: Will only come in to effect if say it's 7:00 and thats when the event is schedualed and you are online and doing other things, and people are whispereing you and you are obviously ignoring them, this will get you kicked.
Ex: If a legionary is online at 7:00 and never said they were not coming to the event, and they just do not respond, this will count as insubordination.
People who do not like pvp do not have to attend every event but they need to come help the legion with grinding guards/NTC and other things.

Blass brought up the point that if sinroth or purg decides to start up an event, such as sin makes an event on monday, then purg starts one on tuesday, then sin decides to make another event on wednesday, this will be an event every day, blass would like to know if every one of these events will be formal, he makes the comment that people will not like having to come to something every day and it might cause people to leave
What's going to happen is formal events will only be planned at the very beginning of the day, in the morning, and they will be in the evening.

One week sinroth will make events, the other week purg will make events. These events will be formal events.
3 days out of the week will be formal events.
On the week that sinroth is making formal events, any event purg makes will not be informal events, and vice-versa
These pvp events will be abyss deployments: Killing eloys, grinding guards/taking artifcats/killing shit at fortresses, western/eastern shard wars, rifting days.
Rifting events will ALWAYS be informal because it's impossible to determine when the rifts will be there.
Sinroth and purg will make alts in COTR and SOT respectively so that they can make annoucements to each-other's legions about formal/informal events.
Sinroth clarifies that ALL In real life problems take precidence over in-game things.
Adultswim suggests the legion creates a steam group for the union and use it for union-related things.
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PostSubject: Re: Legion meeting July 03, 2012   Tue Jul 03, 2012 9:15 pm

Pardon my awful grammar, these are my notes not anything formal lol

P.S Everything that's in my notes is subject to change, NOTHING is set in stone
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Legion meeting July 03, 2012
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