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 Butler Script

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PostSubject: Butler Script   Thu Jun 14, 2012 8:14 pm

I love customizing things if you couldn't tell, and one of the first things I did when I got my studio for the first time was find a more advanced script for my butler. I've noticed that most people still haven't set up a greeting and I keep wondering why. Then I realized that people might be intimidated by attempting to mess with the scripts which is why I'm posting today.

This is the script I used for my butler, it sets up a simple to use pre-done macro for anyone coming in. It also allows you to customize what motion you want your butler to do when he sees people (which is why I was looking for it) as well as what he says and a sound.

Click your butler and go to Edit Script
Click the little plus and choose New Script then click Install
Click the import button and copy and paste this code

[YAMAAOQNAAATEmj4nRDzTLgS8AzvKBd5iKukkLyGIfGEygRJm2 ZWyHjwvegkMPhYusFU01cgz3l+w4LG3rinzBEv6SuUmChtmdcM LWUOSw5xGMQdTsegaF52vT4wmMSE1VIdorUzUguFY0BzJ5KaOr PZ15TO6Kq+w83D4eydn/a7RzXkdm/mhgleWqIC27mxZ6GDPhHtvQqygq4veoAzgrpcK9p8FbGTjaLwE mUOu6JHXwLJCsQxeg78SwPvj3rjLukrd7UEhfrfy5Dgo+Uojza IoHGWXuTPSBlcuWzcJgMXlH2lrZlgE0yyV5u2xjla0liVfPxlI s8hZJ98IITOXNcJblaxl/aPUI9dtgP/j0tn/cw3Mi//NjZD2+lPdUuRrmJ9Gt9kFGSQOXVIpUeknVchONXDyHGqrM7Sx9 QltDQuBSnacqW8JiePY8pWHrRSpJuHB1H1fWyBgrF+3vzEP8H0 +YWpl71pxR5G71ThtF1OCzTkY3D+ulzil+IJgQUCobvXOQ9mZ7 T/rACQnG/6vplIHQ734THytsZq72SUql0TSKi1Q147vYpipzxuEYZHZpt3x oV+rB2s98vX8Yl1YWwWBGuU2WckPFB7l3n17EBlYmPqiOLMpLd BiURqIo6sbsDZB4e9uDzA5q3/r8KTn6/ZtBDKRxUtAffVHtqNDPQ9Pe4vuY67WTPnVR/S3Zo54Q71BkfjvWvkL0aicJaIjqxxswalEXj5JAcMefFtQfMak YSW0YcVYpMdgxvF1fPZE7X5hrwrv1M5+xHN0BGNUwOUMYJuMNi Grc8XegVkJ970zZwOjXHwulnp7HBFVi6t06hm11ASsReOfZbBI FXnxRjwMS/oCEMBjP4pQsqdDpwLbVVlSm32K47EkG81WKxd+nI0ODKBvQFfP 5kf3J43eD0lGXE20Zz221c4EAfgvPL3W3Z3OzH+CKJ2FGVVQnO I+ulSHzTQ5BHGvLlCYomiDzVkxjBGqWOOeQLShSSz8RT2bl6do sU4dTBGKa97BJRCm3ba1YsxbbhMZpNLHzjZTbWAV8gXQNceZwK WV9ZtFzEJprawAyAircNqWVlZ5lF2dYD3CmObYRMCCUsBqRCWu y8L650dDdyOWtcwUSEtf9qy5Oi2ptoZpNhMZRth+7ny7dHoEWR x34k=]
*Originally created by Red on the Aion Forums.*
Click the little arrows under Outlet
Click on the blue words to edit your butler and customize what he says and does

I hope you have fun and I haven't confused you, if you have any questions feel free to let me know and I'll do my best to help. Thank you for your time.
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Butler Script
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